How to Use, Improve, and Optimize Your Linkedin Personal Profile Effectively

LinkedIn HelloMy first introduction to LinkedIn was back in 2008 while working for a marketing company in the St. Louis area. At that time, all of the employees were encourages to create an individual LinkedIn Personal Profile to promote the company and to connect with current vendors and potential customers. When I asked what LinkedIn was, I was told it was a  “Facebook” for professionals.

Truthfully, what is it? LinkedIn is a social networking site focused on businesses. With basic free services and the ability to upgrade, it allows you to locate clients, colleagues, and business associates you already know and those you don’t. You “connect” through LinkedIn by creating a LinkedIn Personal Profile. A LinkedIn Personal Profile describes you. This includes your education, interests, career history, and other information that you want to share about yourself in a professional social network.

How do you use, improve, and optimize a LinkedIn Personal Profile effectively?

I asked myself the same question a few years back when I was first getting started with composing my LinkedIn Personal Profile. To make things a little easier for you, I have listed a few helpful tips below:

  • Your Career Story. Summarize your professional background as a story. This makes it easy for potential employers to understand how you gained skills and expertise in your journey for a career. To strengthen your story, be sure to have a great network of contacts. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious about your career.
  • Who You Are.  Describe who you are and be sure that it mirrors your resume. Be professional. After all, that is the type of employee that companies are looking for.
  • Your Work Samples. Add media like videos, documents, links, images, and presentations to the Education, Experience, and Summary sections of your LinkedIn Personal Profile. This allows you to highlight samples of work and projects while optimizing your profile. Learn how to add work samples to your profile here.
  • Professional Profile Photo. Send a strong message who you are. Casual and blurred photos relay that you are not serious about your career. Even worse, is not having a photo at all.
  • Searchable Skilled Keywords. Use keywords to highlight your skills. If you want employers to find you, keywords are essential for search engine optimization. 
  • Endorsements of Skills and References. Ask supervisors, co-workers, customers, and clients to endorse your skills and to write references on your behalf. These will appear in your profile and are commonly searched by recruiters and hiring managers. Learn how to endorse someone’s skills here.
  • Your Profile Link. Utilize a personal LinkedIn URL to share your profile. This adds another touch of professionalism. Learn how to create a personal LinkedIn URL here.
  • Call to Action. Include your contact information. Once someone reads your story, finish by telling them what to do – contact you!

Would you like to comment on how to use, improve, and optimize a LinkedIn Personal Profile effectively? Suggestions are always welcomed!



LinkedIn Company Pages: 5 Blogs Worth Reading

Why have a LinkedIn company page? For companies, LinkedIn opens the doors to tell their story, engage their followers, and share career opportunities. For professionals, LinkedIn is an avenue to explore companies of interest, keep up-to-date with industry news, and locate job opportunities. Even knowing this, I still had some questions I wanted answered:

  1. Is it worth my time? and if so…questions
  2. How do I set-up a company page?
  3. How can I use it for sales?
  4. What kinds of companies are successful using LinkedIn? 
  5. How do you manage employee profiles? 

To answer my question above, I found 5 useful blogs worth reading about LinkedIn company pages. I would like to take this opportunity to share those with you.

LinkedIn-Company-Pages-148x150LinkedIn Company Pages: A Worthwhile Investment?
by Courtney Hunt

In her blog, Courtney questions the importance of LinkedIn pages for companies today. She explains that over the last couple of years the features have been downsized. Resulting in a market more ideal for a larger companies than a small or medium-sized company to benefit from.

Link Humons - FlickrEverything You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Company Page on LinkedIn
by Ted Prodromou

In his blog, Ted explains that LinkedIn company pages are like mini-websites for your company and an excellent way to build trust with prospects and clients. Some components of a company profile highlighted are: careers, showcase pages, analytics, and visitors.

Small Business TrendsHow to Create a LinkedIn Company Page That Drives Sales by Margie Zable Fisher

In her blog, Margie offers a step-by-step guide to create a company page on LinkedIn. She points out the importance of completing all the areas in the LinkedIn company page with an abundance of detail. This attention to details will make your company page more powerful.

???????8 Companies Totally Rocking Their LinkedIn Company Pages by Joe Lazauskas

In his blog, it quite evident that Joe highlights 8 companies that are reaping the benefits of a LinkedIn company page. These are all large companies such as: Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, and Four Seasons Hotels. Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn has become the place where professional content is consumed by people.

Undercover RecruiterHow to Remove Random People from Your LinkedIn Company Page by Lisa Jones

In her blog, Lisa discusses the type of “employees” that make up your LinkedIn company page. They are:

  • People who currently work for your company
  • People who no longer work for your company
  • People who would like to work for your company
  • People who were contractors or temps for your company
  • People who work for another company with a similar name
  • People who have no reason to be listed

All of the above, based on the terms and conditions of LinkedIn, can be there. So, Lisa gives you hope and directions in eliminating false profiles from your LinkedIn company page. And why? Eliminating false profiles will strengthen your company’s ability to be taken seriously in your business market.

I hope these 5 blogs are as helpful to you as they are to me. Do you know of any blogs with useful information about LinkedIn company pages?