5 Restaurants Using Social Media: A Menu for Success

Sharing meals with family and friends has always been a social event. With the popularity of eating out at restaurants, social media is playing a major role in attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty of patrons.

Restaurants use social media to gain feedback and insight on menu items and service. They also update customers with new openings, promote contests, and monitor reputations by using multiple social platforms.

Below are 5 restaurants that are using social media as a menu for success:


Starbucks embraced social media early on and it didn’t hurt that drinking coffee was already a social activity. They offer quality products and promote social interaction with free WiFi in every location. But that is not where it stops. They use Facebook to inform their customers of new services and products instead of trying to sell them something. When Starbucks takes a photo, they post it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, share it on Instagram, and pin it on Pinterest. They also have a mystarbucksidea which is an online community where people can make suggestions and submit ideas to improve products and services.

Their unique way of using Twitter involves reaching out to customers that have complaints or negative feedback. They encourage dissatisfied customers to follow-up using a Twitter related email address. Call it tweeting damage control.


Babbo Ristorante is Mario Batali’s fine dining restaurant in New York. They post on Facebook daily with pictures of the fresh fish of the day, uncorking of wine, and behind the scenes from the chefs. They also embrace YouTube and Instagram to share videos and pictures of their food.

Barbbos uses Twitter to notify their patrons of any cancellations and include the times and availability for guests.


The Hard Rock Cafe devotes a whole page on their website to social media engagement. “Get social with 13 million strong” is proudly displayed on their social page with links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. No rock is left unturned. They encourage fans to tag their pics with popular hashtags and provide a convenient upload button.


The breakfast diner chain Denny’s openly invites their fans to “stalk us online”. One can stalk them by using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. They always engage their fans with interesting and creative content and displays their social media in the center of their website’s homepage.

Six months ago, they launched a Hispanic Facebook page that already has acquired 53,000 likes. They maintain a Tumblr page to reach a younger crowd. In addition, they are introducing an animated YouTube series called “The Grand Slams” premiering soon.


Jack in the Box social media presence is for those that “like” fast food and snarky updates. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr to promote their food and the Jack character.

Last month, Jack in the Box  achieved a Guinness World Record tile by setting the record for the largest coupon. It measured 80 feet tall by 25 feet wide. The coupon was carried down the street to a Jack in the Box drive thru, redeemed, then hung on a high-rise building. Fans were encouraged take a picture to redeem the coupon and to share the coupon socially on Twitter using #WorldsLargestCoupon.

Is your restaurant using social media to its fullest? Do you have a social media menu for success? I’m listening. Please share.


3 Facebook Pages to “Check in” and “Like”

Brick and mortar businesses in your community, like restaurants, are actively posting advertisements encouraging you to “check in” and “like” their establishment on Facebook. These call-to-actions only take a moment of your time, are fun, and are often followed by a free offer such as some delicious ice cream.

Facebook is more than a local community of fans. Facebook is a world-wide social community where fans love to share likes and comments with each other. With this global reach, businesses that have Facebook pages are able to reach beyond the local fans and engage a much larger audience.

Below are three businesses that are optimizing their Facebook pages to reach a global audience:


Starbucks is about “inspiring and nurturing the human spirit-one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” Early on, they recognized the importance of global networking with their fans and potential customers on Facebook.

Starbucks uses multiple branding photos to promote their products in their timeline cover photo and their engaging posts. With the help of an International tab, Starbucks connects their fans to the home page of different countries. This eliminates any chance of their being a language barrier. In additional, there is an app for Pinterest and for open jobs with the company. They also include links to events and to their numerous locations.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the leader in the world for saving children with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Because they rely on volunteers and donations to make a difference in a young life, St. Jude’s reaches out to the global community with their Facebook page.

They regularly post photos of patients on their timeline cover who have been helped by generous donations such as those from Facebook fans. This helps humanizes their efforts and promotes the greater good that the community in whole has made. They also include apps to allow for donations, gifts, and even browse career opportunities.

Tough Mudder 

Tough Mudder describes themselves as “probably the toughest event on the planet.” It is actually a series of endurance events designed by the British Special Forces. Their weekly obstacle courses are held all over the United States and Canada with profits awarded to the Wounded Warrior Project. They heavily rely on Facebook for planet recruitment.

Because Tough Mudder is an event company, they always engage their fans with fresh and up-to-date content. All of the events have their own page in the “Upcoming Events” feed and wild and crazy videos and photos keep the recruits enlisting.

Do you know of a Facebook page to “Check in” and “Like”? Please feel free to leave a comment.