5 YouTube for Business Blogs

Since 2005, millions of videos have been uploaded and shared on YouTube. Yes, we have all seen those popular “fail” videos and clips of cats stealing dogs bed. YouTube is not only for individual entertainment, but an inexpensive venue for businesses to be found online. Let me entertain you with 5 YouTube for Business Blogs that caught my attention.

7 Benefits Of Using YouTube To Market Your Business Online by Eric Baum

bluleadzIn his blog, Eric Baum brings attention to 7 benefits of using YouTube to market your business online. I found this blog valuable because Eric provides useful information accompanied with interesting statistics about the mass audience of YouTube. The benefits described include:

  • Capturing Attention – 2 billion video are registered each day and an estimated 35 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded.
  • High Traffic Volumes – 60 million unique visitors access YouTube monthly.
  • Viral Marketing – YouTube videos are shared and easily go viral.
  • Multiple Video Marketing Channels – Powerful online strategy for staging a product of service.
  • Search Engine Rankings – Google owns YouTube therefore YouTube videos are routinely ranked high on Google.
  • Social Media Marketing Integration – YouTube videos integrate with social media like Facebook and Twitter. This helps increase business exposure.
  • World-Wide Accessibility – YouTube is accessible everywhere and on multiple devices.

eric Eric is the CEO / Founder of Bluleadz.

Using YouTube for Business by  

ezineIn her blog, Aimee N Duffy points out that business can’t afford not to use YouTube because of its audience outreach. I found this blog valuable because Aimee explains different ways to utilize YouTube for business. These include:

  • Choose a SEO-friendly title with searchable keywords to link to your YouTube video.
  • Share your YouTube video with other social media pages.
  • Embed your YouTube video in an e-blast and press release.
  • Designate a space on your website or blog for YouTube videos.
  • Post a blog with an embedded YouTube video.

Aimee  Aimee N Duffy is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Using YouTube for Business and Marketing by Dennis Seymour

leapfroggrIn his blog, Dennis Seymour mentions how easy it is to share Youtube videos and how it is ideal for businesses. I found this blog valuable because Dennis includes proven searchable titles such as “How To’s” within his blog. These include how to:

  • Get Started with YouTube and include your logo and company description in your profile. 
  • Add Videos on YouTube and tag them for search purposes.
  • Use YouTube for Your Business to promote your company.
  • Optimize Videos by using keywords in your tags.

Dennis  Dennis Seymour is the co-founder at Leapfroggr Inc.

Using YouTube to Build Your Brand, Authority and Business by Michael Stelzner

social media examiner In his blog, Michael Stelzner discusses his interview with Steve Spangler – author of Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste and Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes. I found this blog valuable because there are real life experiences shared on how Steve used YouTube to build his business and his experiences. Topics for discussion are:

  • How YouTube is helping businesses.
  • The strategy behind different YouTube show formats.
  • How to get the word out about YouTube shows.
  • Advice for starting your own video-based show.

Michael  Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner

How To Use YouTube To Drive Business by Bianca Male

business insiderIn her blog, Bianca Male points out that any business can benefit from using YouTube videos. I found this blog valuable because Bianca includes the three main goals for every YouTube video. These goals are:

  • To Inform the viewer about the company.
  • To Educate the viewer in some way either by “how to’s” or product demo.
  • To Entertain and build a relationship with your target audience.

bianca  Bianca Male is a writer for Business Insider.

Do you have a YouTube for Business blog to share or know of one?


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