Twitter Marketing for Your Business

twWhether you have a small or large business, you need to be utilizing Twitter marketing. At 140 characters at a time, Twitter has become an inexpensive and effective marketing tool for businesses. Your business customers and prospects are constantly tweeting on a daily basis about your business, products, and services. And guess what? They are also tweeting about your competitors.

People go to Twitter to share what they know and learn in return. Twitter users are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, services, and products. If your business is not part of this exchange, you’re leaving two huge opportunities untouched: growing your business and improving it – Jill Duffy with PCMag

Now is the time to engage, promote, encourage, and listen.

How can you use Twitter for marketing your business?

Listed below are a few strategies for using Twitter marketing for your business:

Engage with Twitter Profile 

Optimize your Twitter profile to promote your brand:

  • Use your business logo as your profile picture.
  • Add your business website’s URL to your profile.
  • Use your brand name as your…
    • Twitter handle
    • Twitter username
    • Hashtag in all Tweets

Tweet Using the 4-1-1 Rule 

Tweet regularly and be a valuable and trustworthy source.

  • Share 4 tweets by others
  • Retweet 1 relevant tweet
  • Share 1 self-serving tweet

Use Twitter to Promote

Promote events, webinars, training classes, and conferences.

  • Send prospects to event sign ups via landing pages
  • Direct prospects to call-to-actions via landing pages
  • Tweet coupon codes
  • Create Tweetables
  • Create Hashtags for events
  • Set up live Twitter Stream for a Hashtag

Encourage Followers on Twitter

Use every opportunity to add Twitter links with every campaign.

  • Email Newsletters
  • Email footer
  • Blogs

Use Twitter for Customer Relationship Management

Use Twitter as a CRM.

  • Engage and answer customer support questions
  • Welcome followers
  • Monitor for Keywords and Hashtags
  • Create customer lists
  • Update customers
  • Thank your customers

Use Twitter to Listen

Listening is the most important part of communication in marketing.

  • Monitor competitors’ hashtags for negative tweets
    • Engage unsatisfied customers immediately
    • Respond with offers for an alternative product or service
  • Listen to comments about your products and services
    • Engage unsatisfied customers immediately
    • Turn negative into positive publicity.

With over 500 million tweets per day and over 200 million active users, Twitter has evolved from a micro blogging venue for non-bloggers to a business marketing outlet. So, don’t wait! Use Twitter marketing for your business now!

What else would you add? How are you using Twitter Marketing for your business?


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