5 Twitter Tools to Optimize Your Business Performance

That cute little  chirp symbolizes a giant social media freeway for businesses called Twitter. What started out as a micro blog for people who don’t like to blog has turned into over 200 million users and over 500 million tweets per day. And, Twitter continues to excelerate! Making the most out of Twitter for your business can be a bit congested with this kind of traffic.

What’s in your Twitter Toolbox?

Below are 5 Twitter tools that you can use to optimize your Twitter performance for your business:

Find New Twitter Customers with TwitHawk

TwitHawkTwitHawk is an effective tool to find people talking on Twitter about your chosen topic, your business, and location. By using this Twitter tool, you can enter phrases that you think your customers are likely to enter when they need your product. It searches Twitter and generates a list of tweets for you to respond to. It also has Google Analytics integration.

Manage Your Twitter Community with Commun.it

communitCommun.it is a relationship-management tool that helps you cultivate your followers on Twitter and make important connections to build your business. It looks into your most up-to-date feed and organizes your followers into three groups:

  • Influencers
  • Top supporters
  • Engaged Twitter users

An added feature “Consider to Follow” gives you a list of people to consider following focused on previous retweets, conversations, and the engagement of your followers.

Determine Best Time to Tweet with Tweriod

TweriodTweriod is a Twitter tool that determines the best times of days and days of the week for you to tweet about your business. It generates a report that helps you optimize your tweeting exposure and provides information on when most of your followers are most active on Twitter. 

Schedule Your Tweet with Buffer

bufferBuffer will allow you to schedule Tweets at the optimal time determined by Tweriod’s reports. You can then write multiple business Tweets at one time and choose which social profiles to send them to. By shortening your links for you, Buffer can let you know exactly how many people clicked on each of your business links. 

Unfollow Schedule Your Tweet with UnTweeps

unt_weepsUnTweeps auto-unfollows accounts that are not actively tweeting and improves your following-to-followers ratio.This allows you to follow accounts that are active and likely to engage with your business. 

These 5 twitter tools will speed up your social strategy and pass your competitors in business.

Are you using any of the Twitter tools above?  Have you any to add?


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