Search Engine Optimization or Simply SEO

A chalkboard filled with phrases, charts, and processes can be a bit overwhelming in comprehending Search Engine Optimization. Let me simplify…

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is about the words we all read online. These words are graded on relevancy, authority, number, and quality of pages that are linked to pages that are shown.

Below are 5 articles on SEO that help simplify getting started, how to choose the right tactics, how to get on-page, and track metrics. And, a different way at looking at SEO from a human perspective.

What is Search Engine Optimization?  Getting Started is Easy

SEOPost-790x310In this article, Daniel Smith discusses the importance of SEO. He points out that if you don’t optimize your website, you will lose customers to your competitors. To prove his point, he uses an example of two cupcake stores in the same small town competing for the same business. Both have websites and send email newsletters. The difference is that one store gains authority and customers by utilizing SEO and content marketing.

He also provides an easy 3 steps guide to earn higher search engine rankings.

About the Author: Daniel Smith is a co-founder and marketing chief at BoostSuite is the content marketing system for small businesses.

How to Choose the Right SEO Tactics for Your Small Business

seo (1)In this article, Tom Demers places SEO strategies in two basic categories: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. He breaks down the strategies under each category and helps you to determine which one makes the most sense for your business.

Tom also points out that once a strategy is determined, you need to decide if the tasks will be managed in-house or by outsourcing to an SEO agency.

About the Author: Tom Demers is a co-founder and managing partner with Measured SEM, a search engine marketing consulting firm.

SEO 101: Getting The On-Page SEO Basics


In this article, James Brockbank points out that it takes more than a fantastic outreach, PR campaign, and awesome link profile to securing top spots for competitive key phrases. He provides a guide to getting on-page SEO right. James discusses 10 essentials needed to outrank your competitors. Some of these essentials include meta descriptions, URL structure, and page speed.

About the Author: James Brockbank is an experienced UK based digital marketing consultant. He has written for Search Engine Journal and .NET Magazine.

Which Search Engine Optimization Metrics Should You Track?

search-engine-optimization-metricsIn this article, Deborah Dawui points out the importance that tracking has in knowing which SEO techniques are working for your brand and which content that your audience likes more.

She discusses which metrics you should be tracking for your SEO campaign to include unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, and inbound links.

About the Author: Deborah Dawui is an online marketing consultant that helps small businesses improve their sales and strategies.

3 SEO Techniques You Probably Haven’t Heard About

3-SEO-TechniquesIn this article, Agnipravo Sengupta highlights 3 SEO techniques from a human perspective:

  • Semantic SEO – Content creation that is natural and informative
  • Holistic SEO – Introduction of social platforms to increase online exposure
  • Barnacle SEO – Relationship with popular brands and getting indirect SEO benefits

About the Author: Agnipravo Sengupta is a writer in the field of Content Marketing. 

Do you know of any articles that help simplify SEO?


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