Twitter More Interesting Than the Oscars 2015

Honestly, I didn’t watch the Oscars last Sunday night. I find the Oscars boring and the hype over fashion and the celebrities just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to the movies and I do appreciate their talent. I just don’t find any weight in other actors, actresses, or academy member’s opinion. Since it was my husband’s birthday, I spent the day with him and my family.

During the Oscars, there were tweets with different hashtags that were funny and some were just confusing to me. The tweets from #Oscars below caught my attention for different reasons:

Classic! After watching this movie with my grandson, I couldn’t shake that song for days. I think the show should have ended on a livelier note. (Not that I would have watched it anyway)

This is so true! I tell my step son in Germany the same thing. He is always apologizing for making mistakes. I tell him not to worry about it. At least he knows the difference and aims to improve. Most Americans still haven’t mastered their native language or want to.

Okay! This would be exactly what I would be thinking at the Oscars. I probably wouldn’t mind the “freebies”, but would want to ditch the festivities ASAP!

Piers is just arrogant. I’m a Michael Keaton fan and he can do whatever he wants. Piers is just jealous that Mr. Keaton makes gum chewing look good.

At first, this tweet creeped me out. But, when I thought about it, he just admires her and is a fan. Still sounds creepy though. Think about it.

There you go! The tweets above are the ones that caught my attention from Sunday night’s Oscars. Twitter was more interesting than the Oscars. Do you know of any tweets that are worthy of commenting on? Please don’t hesitate to voice your opinon on the Oscars.


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