BCEI Facebook Strategy

Recently, SNL celebrated 40 years of television history. “Strategery” was the one word that Will Ferrell used to describe the presidential debate. Now this was intended to be for fun and meant to get laughs. And it did, therefore it was effective.

For Facebook to be effective, a BCEI strategy can be applied. BCEI simply stands for build, connect, engage, and influence. Let’s see the intent of this strategy.

Build a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a great way to build relationships with current customers and to promote future business relationships. It is the first step in “getting found” in the social media community. Here are a few reasons to build a Facebook page:

  • Build a Facebook page to introduce new products.
  • Build a Facebook page to share related news.
  • Build a Facebook page to gather comments or feedback.

Connect with Facebook Fans

connect-fourOnce you have a Facebook page, the next step is to connect with your Facebook fans. The word about your business is then spread by the interaction to all of their friends. Here are some key elements to connect with Facebook fans:

  • Connect and increase Facebook fans by creating a well targeted ad campaign.
  • Connect  with Facebook fans by encouraging them to like your page.
  • Connect and promote to Facebook fans thru existing marketing channels. Examples: website and print ads

Engage Your Facebook Fans


Now that your business has been introduced, it is time to communicate with your Facebook fans. Use this social space to engage the social community around your business. Keep them interested with valuable and marketable content. Here are a few ways to engage Facebook fans:

  • Engage Facebook fans by creating stories about your page. Include media visuals.
  • Engage Facebook fans by encouraging them to interact with your page. Ask questions or give them a call-to-action.
  • Engage Facebook fans by offering them prizes or freebies. This is an easy way to get discovered as fans share your offer with friends.

Influence the Friends of Your Facebook Fans

influenceWith the interaction to your page, the content will evolve from ads to stories.

  • Influence a Facebook friend by telling a story about the interaction with your page. Examples: check in or page like.
  • Influence a Facebook friend by having a friend as the voice of your brand. Let the friend promote thru referrals.
  • Influence a Facebook friend with sponsored stories.. These are stories that a business, individual, or organization has paid to be highlighted.

With Facebook, the intent is to connect businesses with fans and their friends. Stay connected by sharing a comment below.

Resource: http://thecoudrain.jigsy.com/files/documents/11-2012-Facebook-Marketing-for-businesses-guide-SMB_Agency_Handbook.pdf


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