Best Simple Free WordPress Themes

A free waffle fry from a waste container may be a great snack for a squirrel, but you won’t find this college student dumpster diving for my next meal. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it is always a good choice.

In trying to find a free WordPress theme for my first blog, I had to decide what my blogging needs would be. I wanted my blog theme to:

  • Have a simple layout
  • Be easy to use
  • Support photographs
  • Utilize installed themes at

After doing some research on themes, I found five candidates to consider for my blog.

fictiveFictive:  This theme is categorized as being simple and ideal for blogs. The modern content is styled in one column and designed to be readable and easy to use. It also has a “sticky” menu on the left where you can put additional widgets and menus. Fictive also offers an area for social links in the sidebar along with your Gravatar. The article by WPTHEME is valuable because it offers a review and preview so you can see for yourself it will be a fit.

BlogumBlogum: This theme is simple, grid-based and modern. This allows for more focus on heavy blog content. On the right sidebar, it supports a widget area. The background can be customized and an option to hide the sidebar on pages using side width. The article by WPSHOWER is valuable because it offers a live demo and download. It uniquely provides information within the Blogum theme itself.

twentytwelveTwenty Twelve:  This theme is simple and easy to read. The design is minimal and allows for text, photo, and video.There are also options to set up as a blog site or a CMS. The widgets are front-page-only. The article by GCO Studios is valuable because it offers links for additional information and discusses the IE8 and below compatibility issue. A fix for this issue is offered.

wilsonWilson:  This theme is simple, ideal for blogs and personal sites. It supports four-post formats: standard, video, aside, and quote. It also has three custom widgets and two widget areas. The article by ANDERSNOREN is valuable because it offers a demo and a free download. There is also information about updates, versions, ratings, and downloads.

HexaHexa:  This theme demonstrates the new trend to post formats in the center while highlighting with color on a variety of content. Geometric shapes connect one post to the next. It supports large pixel images. In addition, it has three widget areas in a pull down section. The article by WPTAVERN is valuable because it goes into great detail about all the bells and whistles that this theme has to offer.

To satisfy my hunger for a free theme that is simple, easy to use, and supports photographs, I decided to go with the Fictive Theme. Which free WordPress theme is a good choice for you and will fit your blogging needs?

To find out more information regarding free WordPress themes, visit the WordPress Free Theme Directory.


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