5 Social Media Blogs I Subscribe To

When driving my car, I know how to get to my destination. To reasure that I don’t get lost or miss my exit, I use GPS or an App on my smart phone. With social media marketing, I welcome the guidance of the community and their proven roadmaps to social media success. That’s why I subscribe to social media blogs.

dustin tvDustn.tv is the creation of Dustin W. Stout. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Weal Media a PR and digital marketing firm. On this blog, he writes about beginning to advanced social media strategies.

I subscribed to this blog because I wanted to be an “Insider”. As an “Insider”, I receive one email each week that contains creative news and design articles. I also have access to free social media templates, visual content templates and icon sets. I enjoy the creative, colorful, and friendly format of his blogs and the clutter free atmosphere.

socialmouthsSocialmouths is a blog site by a “dude” named Francisco Rosales. In his blogs, he talks about social media, web traffic, blogging and email marketing. He also offers on-line courses and one-on-one coaching.

I subscribe to his blog because he writes with a “cool” attitude and “down-to-earth” approach. I am entertained and informed at the same time.

sochable logoSoshable is a joint effort by Tyson Madliger, Subi Ghosh, and blogger JD Rucker. This blog is not the biggest out there, but it offers information in a realistic approach. It includes commentaries, tips, and news about the social media world.

I subscribe to this blog because I enjoy the simple and comedic approach in the blogs. The format is inviting and offers less clutter than most blog sites.

topdogTopDog Social Media is the creation of founder and CEO Melonie DodaroI. Along with her social media experts, she writes about social media marketing. She includes changes with Facebook and trends on Twitter and LinkedIn. She also offers classes in social media. There is a refreshing and unique approach to the blogs.

I subscribe to this blog because I wanted to harness the power of LinkedIn and Facebook. I like the design of the information and the use of visual media.

jennJenn’s Trends is the creation of Jenn Herman. She writes weekly blogs about social media and business trends and discusses their applications, implications, and benefits.

I subscribe to this blog because Jenn provides tips and information that help me to manage my social media platforms. I like her blog because they are easy to read and the page format is not cluttered.


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