5 Effective Elements in Blogging

Beale Street, the most visited attraction in Tennessee, is flooded nightly with neon signs that attract potential customers and welcome loyal patrons. As with blogging, your goal is to attract a loyal following and establish a relationship that drives readers to return to your blog site. How do you stand out in the crowd? Below are 5 effective elements in blogging to help you get started:

Target your Audience. Before blogging, define who your target audience targetis. Always take into consideration the age, gender, demographics, and the type of customer you are trying to connect with. According to a Dukeo article, blogging to a targeted audience will gain loyal readers and increase networking opportunities. This article is valuable because it reaches beyond a bloggers focus on content and emphasizes how to reach the readers you want from the beginning.

Titles are key. Because the title is your reader’s first introduction to your blog, you must acquire the art form of writing effective titles early on. Interesting titles using searchable keywords is important for search engine optimization. Hubspot Blogs highlights 6 characteristics of writing exceptional blog titles. This blog is valuable because it not only lists and explains the characteristics, but also includes useful examples.

Grammar and it’s impact. Readers of your blog are expectinggrammar1
useful information from an expert. Your credibility is diminished when the content of your blog is poorly written. Take the time to proofread your blog and have a colleague review it before posting,also. The Grammar Police and your Blog discusses five ways to ensure your readers look at you as a credible source of information. This article is valuable because it validates engagement with casual and conversational language.

Blog comments define social marketing. Reader’s comments can contain priceless information. This information helps you identify the reader’s likes, dislikes, and possible topics for future blogs. An article about blog comments emphasizes that an interactive social community will often include links to other blogs in their discussions. These links will help you build relationships with other bloggers and attract more traffic to your site. This article is valuable because it defines the purpose and effectiveness of blog comments.

Visual media is worth a thousand words. Did you know that the brain wordsprocesses visuals faster than text? It makes perfect sense to use visual media 100% of the time in your blog. Use pictures and videos to reflect your key messages to keep the reader engaged. Be tactful with visual media and use it to navigate the reader throughout your blog. An article by Inlumino Communications is valuable because it offers details on how the brain processes pictures and videos and offers helpful solutions to personalizing visual media.

Once you incorporate these effective elements into your own blog, you are well on your way to becoming a successful blogger.


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