BCEI Facebook Strategy

Recently, SNL celebrated 40 years of television history. “Strategery” was the one word that Will Ferrell used to describe the presidential debate. Now this was intended to be for fun and meant to get laughs. And it did, therefore it was effective.

For Facebook to be effective, a BCEI strategy can be applied. BCEI simply stands for build, connect, engage, and influence. Let’s see the intent of this strategy.

Build a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a great way to build relationships with current customers and to promote future business relationships. It is the first step in “getting found” in the social media community. Here are a few reasons to build a Facebook page:

  • Build a Facebook page to introduce new products.
  • Build a Facebook page to share related news.
  • Build a Facebook page to gather comments or feedback.

Connect with Facebook Fans

connect-fourOnce you have a Facebook page, the next step is to connect with your Facebook fans. The word about your business is then spread by the interaction to all of their friends. Here are some key elements to connect with Facebook fans:

  • Connect and increase Facebook fans by creating a well targeted ad campaign.
  • Connect  with Facebook fans by encouraging them to like your page.
  • Connect and promote to Facebook fans thru existing marketing channels. Examples: website and print ads

Engage Your Facebook Fans


Now that your business has been introduced, it is time to communicate with your Facebook fans. Use this social space to engage the social community around your business. Keep them interested with valuable and marketable content. Here are a few ways to engage Facebook fans:

  • Engage Facebook fans by creating stories about your page. Include media visuals.
  • Engage Facebook fans by encouraging them to interact with your page. Ask questions or give them a call-to-action.
  • Engage Facebook fans by offering them prizes or freebies. This is an easy way to get discovered as fans share your offer with friends.

Influence the Friends of Your Facebook Fans

influenceWith the interaction to your page, the content will evolve from ads to stories.

  • Influence a Facebook friend by telling a story about the interaction with your page. Examples: check in or page like.
  • Influence a Facebook friend by having a friend as the voice of your brand. Let the friend promote thru referrals.
  • Influence a Facebook friend with sponsored stories.. These are stories that a business, individual, or organization has paid to be highlighted.

With Facebook, the intent is to connect businesses with fans and their friends. Stay connected by sharing a comment below.

Resource: http://thecoudrain.jigsy.com/files/documents/11-2012-Facebook-Marketing-for-businesses-guide-SMB_Agency_Handbook.pdf


3 Facebook Pages to “Check in” and “Like”

Brick and mortar businesses in your community, like restaurants, are actively posting advertisements encouraging you to “check in” and “like” their establishment on Facebook. These call-to-actions only take a moment of your time, are fun, and are often followed by a free offer such as some delicious ice cream.

Facebook is more than a local community of fans. Facebook is a world-wide social community where fans love to share likes and comments with each other. With this global reach, businesses that have Facebook pages are able to reach beyond the local fans and engage a much larger audience.

Below are three businesses that are optimizing their Facebook pages to reach a global audience:


Starbucks is about “inspiring and nurturing the human spirit-one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” Early on, they recognized the importance of global networking with their fans and potential customers on Facebook.

Starbucks uses multiple branding photos to promote their products in their timeline cover photo and their engaging posts. With the help of an International tab, Starbucks connects their fans to the home page of different countries. This eliminates any chance of their being a language barrier. In additional, there is an app for Pinterest and for open jobs with the company. They also include links to events and to their numerous locations.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the leader in the world for saving children with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Because they rely on volunteers and donations to make a difference in a young life, St. Jude’s reaches out to the global community with their Facebook page.

They regularly post photos of patients on their timeline cover who have been helped by generous donations such as those from Facebook fans. This helps humanizes their efforts and promotes the greater good that the community in whole has made. They also include apps to allow for donations, gifts, and even browse career opportunities.

Tough Mudder 

Tough Mudder describes themselves as “probably the toughest event on the planet.” It is actually a series of endurance events designed by the British Special Forces. Their weekly obstacle courses are held all over the United States and Canada with profits awarded to the Wounded Warrior Project. They heavily rely on Facebook for planet recruitment.

Because Tough Mudder is an event company, they always engage their fans with fresh and up-to-date content. All of the events have their own page in the “Upcoming Events” feed and wild and crazy videos and photos keep the recruits enlisting.

Do you know of a Facebook page to “Check in” and “Like”? Please feel free to leave a comment.

How Businesses Can Use Inbound Marketing

Abraham Lincoln embraced the telegraph, a new technology of his day, to spread the word and to stay informed during the Civil War. He actually had a telegraph “hub” installed in the White House to take command and communicate with his generals in almost real-time. His T-Mails were composed of key essential words that were short and to the point. By utilizing the telegraph strategy, Lincoln and his armies won the war.

Today you need to embrace technology and social avenues to spread the word about your business. It is essential to utilize inbound marketing as a “hub” to bring visitors to your website and promote your products and services in order to convince people to purchase them. Be worthy of recognition and win the sales war online.

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” – Abraham Lincoln

Be worthy of recognition by promoting your business and drawing customers to your website by embracing inbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on utilizing Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines. Get noticed now and here is how you can do this:

Create remarkable content. Worthy content attracts links from other websites. This content also will help spread the word on social media sites.

  • Write blogs about topics that relate to your business using key searchable words.
  • Produce short videos about your business.
  • Create online live presentations such as Webinars to engage customers live.

Get found on social media. Social media is an excellent way to reach and engage potential customers.

  • Establish an effective online profile.
  • Create connections on Facebook, LindedIn, and Twitter to name a few.
  • Run contests and give valuable things away for free. Free is always a crowd pleaser.

Convert traffic into prospects and leads. Nurture them so they will become customers by giving your traffic “calls to action”.

  • Offer visitors a subscription to your e-mail newsletters.
  • Use online forms to collect valuable contact information.
  • Provide demo requests to help collect contact information and promote sales.

Track your progress and learn. Measure your failures and successes to know how your marketing activities are working.

  • Google analytics is one way you can track and measure visits, leads, and customers
  • Track your UTM codes or snippets of text added to the end of your URL.

Now is the time to embrace technology and the strategy of inbound marketing. If you wait, more of your competitors will filtrate the market making it difficult for you to win the war. Get started today and be worthy of recognition and sales.


Inbound Marketing Importance

To attract hummingbirds, I couldn’t just place a feeder out there and expect them to just show up. Instead, I needed to know where they were “hanging out”, what type of flowers and food they search for, and what type of habitat they require. I know you are asking yourself, “what does this have to do with the importance of inbound marketing?”


Inbound marketing focuses on attracting prequalified prospects to websites that offer products and services they intend to purchase. It’s all about being found online.

“Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online.” – by HubSpot

social-media-platformsIn contrast to outbound marketing, inbound marketing reaches out to the social “hang outs” instead of just putting products and services on a website waiting to be discovered. It utilizes the key words in articles and blogs that are being searched online to unite the prospect with the ideal product and services that they are seeking and wanting. Most of all, it provides needed and useful information to convert a prospect to a sale.

Prospects  “hang out” in social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. They “tweet” and connect with colleagues on LinkedIn. With laptops, smartphones, and tablets in hand, they actively discuss products and services. They talk about what they like, dislike, and openly submit comments for online readers to view.

Because prospects are qualified to purchase, they already know what product and service they need or want. They are also seeking quality and reliability. The supplier that meets those requirements will ultimately close the sale. Prospects do not hesitate to search key words online to discover articles and blogs pertaining to what they are interested in purchasing. The “key” here is information. Informational landing pages redirect prospects to websites that take them from the internet highway to the showroom of a business.

The more reliable and trustworthy a company website is, compared to other companies that provide the same wares, the more likely the prospect will be lured to choosing the best one as the winner of their purchase.

As with the hummingbirds, I saw them “hang out” around my red petunias. By my own research online, I found they also needed a sheltered feeder with an endless supply of nectar. If the feeder was red, sheltered, and reliable the “tweet” would get out and others would visit and feed.

inbound marketInbound marketing is a reliable strategy because it reflects the way prospects socialize, it gets the words out there to be searched, and provides the needed information to promote a sale. Sales are not won by just placing the products or services out there.

Best Simple Free WordPress Themes

A free waffle fry from a waste container may be a great snack for a squirrel, but you won’t find this college student dumpster diving for my next meal. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it is always a good choice.

In trying to find a free WordPress theme for my first blog, I had to decide what my blogging needs would be. I wanted my blog theme to:

  • Have a simple layout
  • Be easy to use
  • Support photographs
  • Utilize installed themes at WordPress.com

After doing some research on themes, I found five candidates to consider for my blog.

fictiveFictive:  This theme is categorized as being simple and ideal for blogs. The modern content is styled in one column and designed to be readable and easy to use. It also has a “sticky” menu on the left where you can put additional widgets and menus. Fictive also offers an area for social links in the sidebar along with your Gravatar. The article by WPTHEME is valuable because it offers a review and preview so you can see for yourself it will be a fit.

BlogumBlogum: This theme is simple, grid-based and modern. This allows for more focus on heavy blog content. On the right sidebar, it supports a widget area. The background can be customized and an option to hide the sidebar on pages using side width. The article by WPSHOWER is valuable because it offers a live demo and download. It uniquely provides information within the Blogum theme itself.

twentytwelveTwenty Twelve:  This theme is simple and easy to read. The design is minimal and allows for text, photo, and video.There are also options to set up as a blog site or a CMS. The widgets are front-page-only. The article by GCO Studios is valuable because it offers links for additional information and discusses the IE8 and below compatibility issue. A fix for this issue is offered.

wilsonWilson:  This theme is simple, ideal for blogs and personal sites. It supports four-post formats: standard, video, aside, and quote. It also has three custom widgets and two widget areas. The article by ANDERSNOREN is valuable because it offers a demo and a free download. There is also information about updates, versions, ratings, and downloads.

HexaHexa:  This theme demonstrates the new trend to post formats in the center while highlighting with color on a variety of content. Geometric shapes connect one post to the next. It supports large pixel images. In addition, it has three widget areas in a pull down section. The article by WPTAVERN is valuable because it goes into great detail about all the bells and whistles that this theme has to offer.

To satisfy my hunger for a free theme that is simple, easy to use, and supports photographs, I decided to go with the Fictive Theme. Which free WordPress theme is a good choice for you and will fit your blogging needs?

To find out more information regarding free WordPress themes, visit the WordPress Free Theme Directory.

5 Social Media Blogs I Subscribe To

When driving my car, I know how to get to my destination. To reasure that I don’t get lost or miss my exit, I use GPS or an App on my smart phone. With social media marketing, I welcome the guidance of the community and their proven roadmaps to social media success. That’s why I subscribe to social media blogs.

dustin tvDustn.tv is the creation of Dustin W. Stout. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Weal Media a PR and digital marketing firm. On this blog, he writes about beginning to advanced social media strategies.

I subscribed to this blog because I wanted to be an “Insider”. As an “Insider”, I receive one email each week that contains creative news and design articles. I also have access to free social media templates, visual content templates and icon sets. I enjoy the creative, colorful, and friendly format of his blogs and the clutter free atmosphere.

socialmouthsSocialmouths is a blog site by a “dude” named Francisco Rosales. In his blogs, he talks about social media, web traffic, blogging and email marketing. He also offers on-line courses and one-on-one coaching.

I subscribe to his blog because he writes with a “cool” attitude and “down-to-earth” approach. I am entertained and informed at the same time.

sochable logoSoshable is a joint effort by Tyson Madliger, Subi Ghosh, and blogger JD Rucker. This blog is not the biggest out there, but it offers information in a realistic approach. It includes commentaries, tips, and news about the social media world.

I subscribe to this blog because I enjoy the simple and comedic approach in the blogs. The format is inviting and offers less clutter than most blog sites.

topdogTopDog Social Media is the creation of founder and CEO Melonie DodaroI. Along with her social media experts, she writes about social media marketing. She includes changes with Facebook and trends on Twitter and LinkedIn. She also offers classes in social media. There is a refreshing and unique approach to the blogs.

I subscribe to this blog because I wanted to harness the power of LinkedIn and Facebook. I like the design of the information and the use of visual media.

jennJenn’s Trends is the creation of Jenn Herman. She writes weekly blogs about social media and business trends and discusses their applications, implications, and benefits.

I subscribe to this blog because Jenn provides tips and information that help me to manage my social media platforms. I like her blog because they are easy to read and the page format is not cluttered.

5 Effective Elements in Blogging

Beale Street, the most visited attraction in Tennessee, is flooded nightly with neon signs that attract potential customers and welcome loyal patrons. As with blogging, your goal is to attract a loyal following and establish a relationship that drives readers to return to your blog site. How do you stand out in the crowd? Below are 5 effective elements in blogging to help you get started:

Target your Audience. Before blogging, define who your target audience targetis. Always take into consideration the age, gender, demographics, and the type of customer you are trying to connect with. According to a Dukeo article, blogging to a targeted audience will gain loyal readers and increase networking opportunities. This article is valuable because it reaches beyond a bloggers focus on content and emphasizes how to reach the readers you want from the beginning.

Titles are key. Because the title is your reader’s first introduction to your blog, you must acquire the art form of writing effective titles early on. Interesting titles using searchable keywords is important for search engine optimization. Hubspot Blogs highlights 6 characteristics of writing exceptional blog titles. This blog is valuable because it not only lists and explains the characteristics, but also includes useful examples.

Grammar and it’s impact. Readers of your blog are expectinggrammar1
useful information from an expert. Your credibility is diminished when the content of your blog is poorly written. Take the time to proofread your blog and have a colleague review it before posting,also. The Grammar Police and your Blog discusses five ways to ensure your readers look at you as a credible source of information. This article is valuable because it validates engagement with casual and conversational language.

Blog comments define social marketing. Reader’s comments can contain priceless information. This information helps you identify the reader’s likes, dislikes, and possible topics for future blogs. An article about blog comments emphasizes that an interactive social community will often include links to other blogs in their discussions. These links will help you build relationships with other bloggers and attract more traffic to your site. This article is valuable because it defines the purpose and effectiveness of blog comments.

Visual media is worth a thousand words. Did you know that the brain wordsprocesses visuals faster than text? It makes perfect sense to use visual media 100% of the time in your blog. Use pictures and videos to reflect your key messages to keep the reader engaged. Be tactful with visual media and use it to navigate the reader throughout your blog. An article by Inlumino Communications is valuable because it offers details on how the brain processes pictures and videos and offers helpful solutions to personalizing visual media.

Once you incorporate these effective elements into your own blog, you are well on your way to becoming a successful blogger.