Why I Think Social Media Marketing is Interesting

Once upon a time there was no Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest. Today customers and businesses rarely write messages on paper, pick up a phone and call someone, look at a Rolodex to connect with a client, or thumb tack an idea on a cork board for a new article or idea to write about. I will admit to using those trusty little post-it notes on my desk, but how easier it would be to just “tweet”.

Social media marketing has changed the way we all interact with people. With the world literally at their fingertips, businesses can connect with customers around the world in real-time. What makes social media marketing interesting to me is how it promotes a sense of community, empowerment, and trust among customers, businesses, and all of us.

Social media marketing promotes a sense of community. Today, community is everything for customers. Like everyone else, customers like being part of something special and different with the extra bonus of having social connections in their cheering section. This common connection empowers them. This is also true for businesses.

Social media marketing empowers customers and businesses. This is true because they are connected to something important. That empowerment is the driving force that helps both of them to grow beneficial relationships on and/or offline. Businesses use this leverage to grow their product line, services, and lead generation which can result in more sales.

Social media marketing helps customers to trust. Every aspect of life revolves around trust. If customers don’t trust, they are not going to express how they feel or want to purchase a service or product. Customers rely on the empowerment of the social community to gain trust. They return for future purchases and even refer new customers based on the trust that they will receive the same quality and service as everyone else.

Reality is that we are all customers. We are also stakeholders in businesses. Social media marketing connects us all with the sense of community, empowerment, and trust. Even though I know there was once a world without social media marketing, I just can’t imagine our world surviving today without it.